Country: Russia
Order volume: 8 images + web-site
Time frame: 1.5 months
Price: 12,000 USD
Project description:

to make an atmospheric promotional website for Household Premium Class residential complex "Dudergof Club" from the company "Baltic Pearl".
The main advantage of the Households is that these are modern Duplexes, which are located on the banks of the Duderhof Canal, have direct access to the park area and are located within the city limits. High-class buildings with the most advanced engineering solutions that meet all quality standards, a favorable location relative to the road junction, a developed social infrastructure, shopping and entertainment centers in the immediate vicinity - this is what makes the Duderhof Club housing premium.
Based on the characteristics of the location of the complex and the internal layout of the houses, the architectural advertising studio “Ravelin3D” proposed the idea of ​​presenting the Households as a story of one day for a potential buyer from the moment of his acquaintance with the complex to a cozy evening on the porch of his Duplex.
The result of the well-coordinated work of the architectural advertising studio “Ravelin3D” on the project for the presentation of the Premium Class Home Ownership of the Dudergof Club residential complex from the Baltic Pearl company became a full-fledged one-day story in which the client chooses his own animated 3D live images. home and its arrangement to rest on a private terrace of this house.
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