Flotilla apartment

Country: Spain
Order volume: 8 images
Time frame: 10 business days
Price: 2200 USD
Project description:

We made a design concept of an apartment in one of the "Flotilia" residential buildings in Madrid. The task was to visualise a well-lit spacious interior for an active modern person. We took into consideration that the target audience of the living space was a group of successful middle age people and thriving young people. Living space for such people must be both - functional and exceptional. To find the necessary colors and shapes we delved into modernism and futurism. We paid much attention to leaving some empty space without loosing its usability. The general interior idea of this work is applied in a well-lit apartment with bright colourful highlights and creative interior objects. A comfy living room with a deep sofa and comfortable arm-chairs for house parties and work. Functional and sunny bedroom - for a placid rest of the adult family members.

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