Country: Russia
Order volume: 8 images + animation video (1 minute) + 360 tour
Time frame: 1.5 months
Price: 13,000 USD
Project description:

Performing visualizations for Chapaeva apartment building (16a Chapaeva street, St. Petersburg, Russia). This truly fabulous building is constructed in the romantic style of northern modernity, which is typical of the St Petersburg’s Petrograd side architecture. The original contour bench leveling with spacious terraces on the upper floors, cozy French projected and recessed balconies, and a Gothic tower with a weather vane crowning the roof – all of this required a special emphasis in presentation. The client requested for an emotional presentation of the building using creative approach to visualization. This was not a difficult task because the very appearance of the building was highly conducive to creativity. The beauty of gray stone facades blended in with the style of the city so naturally that we decided to try and reflect every bit of that spirit in our work. Petrograd side with its bright historical architecture is one of the most beautiful areas in Saint Petersburg. Stylistic merits of the building were shown under different kinds of lighting and weather conditions. Our ideas gave the future residents of the building an impression of living in a gorgeous castle. The rainy day and the fog were used to accentuate its Gothic style. In the night scene we used illumination specifically to set off the stepped relief of the granite facade. And the first rays of sunlight on a clear morning sky make you want to come out on a terrace with a cup of coffee to see the dawn. That being said, home is a place where you want to feel cozy and comfortable, which is why our project also includes visualization of a courtyard as a peaceful place with a colorful playground, lots of trees and lawns.

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