Lamar Complex

Country: Dubai
Order volume: 14 exterior + 6 interior + animation video (2 minutes) + 360 tours
Time frame: 3 months
Price: 28,000 USD
Project description:

Ravelin studio developed a complex of 3D materials for residental buildings in Dubai. We created 15 exterior views showing the benefits of a new residential facility. We produced images of each of 4 towers, so the user can choose any tower in "appartments choosing module" of the web-site. When the tower is selected, the user can pick any floor: so we prepared floor cuts. The final step - is the selection of apartments using a 3D layout on each floor.

Another great feature of the project is a 3D virtual tour. The viewer is invited to take a short virtual walk through its rooms. Notice how much affection has been put into each and every detail of the interior. We tried to convey magic, ethereal atmosphere. If you’ve ever stayed at a hotel by a beach, you’ll know exactly what we mean. Enjoy the tour.

We have also produced a fly-by animation video to make the exact location of the development easily understood.

The final step is apartment selection. We have prepared a 3D layout of typical apartments on each floor with a particular focus on the overall style and the elements filling the interior. No design software can ever replace meticulous hand work. All layouts are assembled manually by our staff. Process optimization allows us to prepare an unlimited number of layouts in a very short time. The result surpasses all expectations.

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