3D visualization

Architectural 3D visualization is an image created on the basis of a three-dimensional model, using which it can be seen what an architectural project will look like in reality. The client will not just look at the blueprints and figures but will get a clear visual image of the future building.

Static 3D images are the very core of a real estate advertising campaign. Such images will demonstrate the property from the best angle. 3D visualization features plants, decor, infrastructure as well as various elements which add the emotional touch and give the image the presence of life. Cars, couples strolling around, children on the playground, animals and birds will help to create the right attitude to the project thus boosting sales.

All 3D images can be roughly divided into several categories, depending on the angle from which the site is shown. 





From a ten-meter height - this camera angle will show the facade of  the building without zooming to the bird’s eye perspective:


At the bird’s eye view (aerial) - this will not only enable to make a presentation of the whole project but also to demonstrate the infrastructure:


Close-ups - these images are used on websites and in advertising in order to convey the atmosphere and to create the so-called «WOW effect» by means of paying attention to such details as facades:



Our specialists will provide you with the optimal combination of camera angles depending on the property.