Residential house “Yanila Country” for “Lenstroytrest”
Client Lenstroytrest Company was founded in 1996 as a part of PA ‘Lenstroymaterialy’. The company has been specializing at constructing highly convenient affordable housing in Saint Petersburg and the region since 2000.
Task: Production of some renders and a promotional video for Yanila Country residential development. The objective was to present Yanila Country as a place to live for athletic people and anyone leading an active lifestyle. For the video footage we chose a vibrant soundtrack setting the pace to the entire storyline. In order to empasize the dynamic nature of the “Live!” concept, a number of object transformations were employed – paths unfolding before the viewer’s eyes, playgrounds “springing” right up from the ground and so on.
Promo video The project covers a very large area with different types of houses, as well as a vast park. All locations have been accurately modeled according to the blueprints (.dwg format). For the purposes of work coordination with clients, we have created a series of static renders. Renderings contained all the final effects as if they were frames from a video. One feature of the project was animated transformation of objects: playgrounds springing up like mushrooms, the lane rolling out like a carpet, and the mill rotating. After we modeled and animated all the cameras, we made a rough cut of the video. The result is an animatic which was agreed on with the client. We bought 9 videos with real people at Shutterstok and inserted them in our 3D video. This stock has a good selection of nice videos and animations. While working on the project we made many static renderings. The client will use them for advertising. Also we added winter images and сloseups.
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