Typical flats interiors for Patriot-Neva Company
Client Housing is a very socially responsible business aimed at increasing people’s life quality and that is the prior thing for our company. More than 1 million square meters of housing all over Russia has been constructed up to present day. Rich experience, innovative approach, regular production modernization constitutes the basis of Patriot Neva Company’s activity and finally forms the notion ‘contemporary convenient home’.
Task: Client’s requests: ‘We need to design this kitchen-living-room area very thoroughly, we decided on such a step as 3d project exactly due to it – since it’s not completely understandable living format for our clients. We require such an image that would be desirable to live in.’
Concept-designs of Typical flats interiors for Patriot-Neva Company (Saint Petersburg), basing on the layout and typical finishing materials – wallpapers, laminate, interior doors. Housing area ‘Parkola’. Three-bedroom apartment with the area of 59 square meters.
3D flats For the more clarity 3D flats layouts were designed: Two-bedroom apartment with the area of 47 square meters