Residential complex “The English mile”
Task: Create high quality 3D advertisement content which can serve for different purposes of marketing campaign. As well as to visually demonstrate the stages of development. “The English Mile” is a flagship project of the company – Glorax Development. This comfort-class residential complex is located in South-West of Saint-Petersburg and consists out of 220,000 sq. meters of living spaces, and 8,000 sq. meters of commercial spaces. It also has a school with capacity of teaching for up to 550 students, and 2 preschool educational institutions with capacity for up to 95 kids. The complex consists out of 6 brick-monolithic buildings made in the English style. Within the concept of “Courtyard without cars”, the parking spaces are planned under the building. Therefore, the main purpose of the courtyard is to serve as a playground for children. The courtyard is designed in “English park” theme, equipped with typical english benches, thematic street lights, playground for kids, etc. Additionally, main courtyards will be stylized based on the map of London and will have the Thamez River flowing across them. The rivel will be made out of rubberized carpet. The area of the complex is fenced, equipped with electronic access system and video cameras. Entrance groups are made by the author’s project.