Modern architecture defies the old patterns that customers have gotten used to. Standard design and typical space planning are left behind, giving way to fresh, bold ideas. To give your client an idea of what his apartment might look like, order a design concept. One illustrative example will be worth a thousand layout plans at revealing unlimited room for creative thought and non-trivial design solutions.



Another option that could save you some valuable time and effort is developing a full-fledged design project. Give us food for our imagination: tell us what functions your premises are supposed to fulfil and which style you prefer. Using our own creativity and our knowledge of the global trends in design, we will not only furnish the interior but also provide references to the manufacturers of all the furniture and elements of decor used in the project.





Click to download the YIT City design project

Whether you plan it as a bonus for your buyers or want to organize a comfortable space for yourself, we will handle this task better than you could ever imagine!

To order a 3D  visualization or an interior design concept like the ones presented in our portfolio, simply get in touch with us or fill out our brief: