Residental complex “Riverside” “SETL CITY”
Client The company realizes projects in all real estate market segments – from typical constructions of comfort calss to offers of business class and premium objects. Setl City is successfully developing its activity in commercial and suburban real estate spheres
Task: Working on creating a static visualization, a video clip and a virtual tour for Riverside residential development located on St. Petersburg’s Ushakovskaya embankment.
This 3D visualization is aimed at immersing a viewer in the atmosphere of comfortable, quiet and peaceful living at Riverside. Our specialists produced a series of 3d renders that reflected not only the buildings with their unique design, the art and beauty of the facades, terraces on upper floors and panoramic windows, but also the area’s infrastructure. From these renders one would learn everything about the courtyards and their inner structure being totally in keeping with the currently accepted standards of living in a family-oriented neighborhood. The renders featured lots of walking paths, playgrounds, sports and recreation facilities, parks and lawns spread throughout the territory. Apart from presenting a fresh architectural concept, the 3D visualization also helped to reveal a problem of insufficient greening inside courtyards. These landscaping deficiencies only became apparent once the renders were made. Vegetation layout alterations followed quickly resulting in cozier and more visually pleasing courtyards.
Virtaul Tour Presentation of the residential development in the format of virtual tour allowed precisely to show all the details of the objects location, feel the scales in the best possible way, and even enable some kind of ‘walk’ through the cozy yards of the elite Riverside residential quarter. Taking advantage of the latest technological advancements such as mobile devices equipped with built-in gyroscopes, made it possible for our specialists to develop a totally unique virtual tour for tablets. What’s unique about it is that instead of using buttons on the device to move around the scene, the viewer can just tilt and rotate the screen, which turns the virtual walk through Riverside development into a fun game!
Video The promotional video produced for SETL CITY was part of Riverside visualization project. The video’s created a warm atmosphere, capturing instances of Riverside residents’ everyday lives, using some soft sunlight and lovely music – all elements conducive to making the purchase decision. By showing the development from different viewpoints and angles the video provides a comprehensive picture of all its elements, greening, infrastructure and proximity to public buildings, transportation hubs and parks.
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Promo site SETL CITY is one of the largest developer’s companies in Saint Petersburg. Its peculiarity are European engineering standards both for flats and for quarters. SETL CITY has been a regular partner of Ravelin3D for several years. Studio’s team faced the task of creating promo site for Riverside residential facility, where already created visualization products (renders, virtual tour and video) were planned to be put. The website was intended not only to reveal the complex advantages and stimulate the sales, but also enable to demonstrate the construction process to the future residents. Riverside is positioned as an elite residential facility with business and premium class flats, a hotel, business center, covered parking and own kindergarten. Splendid house location between Bolshaya Nevka river embankment and the channel creates an illusion of privacy, paradisiac island detached from noisy mega polis. Modest style was chosen for the website design, the basis of which formed existing renders. Performing graphic elements in the ‘marine’ style outlined proximity of the complex to the water. Taking into account the fact that the website was designed for already created by the studio 3D content, all conditions for the efficient work of the platform, fast uploading and harmonious look were created. We applied modern technologies that allow using the website equally convenient with any mobile devices including IPhone and iPad.

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