What is it?

Ravelin Light is a unique opportunity for you to get high-quality advertising content very quickly and at minimum expense. Now you can cut your advertising costs almost by half. The same is true for the time it takes to produce the images.


Why do I need this?

Ravelin Light can be helpful in the following situations:
  • Your marketing budget is very limited.
  • You are almost out of time (your property sales are starting literally in a couple of weeks).
  • You are unsatisfied with the current advertising quality, looking for some higher-quality marketing content to boost your sales, but your senior management is reluctant to spend any additional funds on advertising.
  • You are promoting a state-sponsored project, so there’s no point in pouring money into advertising – it’ll sell fast anyway. You do, however, need to prepare at least some basic advertising materials.

How does it work?

Ravelin3D has been around for over 5 years and there are more than 120 successfully accomplished projects in our portfolio. Just as with supermarkets — we can afford to lower our prices for three reasons:
  • Large volume of orders. As with any hypermarket or a large chain store — the more you produce or sell, the lower the price of every individual item.
  • Work efficiency. Every project is split into a series of smaller tasks. For every one of those tasks there’s a highly trained professional working on our team. Dealing with lots of similar tasks allows us to keep such professionals as full-time employees on the payroll, which in turn helps improve the quality of the projects while decreasing their overall cost.
  • Producing “angle-specific” images. When working in “Ravelin Light” mode, we get your approval on 2-3 camera angles at the modeling phase. There’s no need to create a fully developed model – otherwise, 40% of this work would go to waste as some parts of the model would never get displayed. So why overpay for it? That’s what “angle-specific” work is.

Will I get a truly high-quality result?

Yes, the quality of our images will be the next level up from what’s usually offered for the same price. We will put artistic presentation first. From the technical perspective, we also guarantee that the property and its surroundings will be modeled in 100% conformance with the drawings provided. Our images will help you attract clients, capture their attention and elicit their emotions. On our part, we guarantee you a level of quality consistent with the work presented in our portfolio. There are, however, certain limitations – you won’t be able to make almost any changes that don’t represent technical issues (composition, presentation, lighting or furnishing). You’ll have to trust us the way you trust your dentist. If you aren’t 100% confident that we can do it right, then it would be better for you to opt for a standard Ravelin3D project format instead of Ravelin Light, or try finding a studio that fits your budget comfortably. If you are happy with our portfolio and accept the terms below, we will not disappoint you:



Ravelin Light

Highly presentable and effective advertising, lots of options available: – static images (any camera angles, any quantity) – videos – virtual tours – promotion websitesPresentable and effective advertising, limited options available: – static images (2-3 camera angles are approved once at the beginning and cannot be changed afterwards) – corporate design
The property is shown in its actual environment. For those who would like to emphasize the benefits of its geographic location.The property is shown in an improvised environment.
The 3d model is an impressive result of meticulous work and attention to detail. The surrounding environment of the property is also modeled in detail.  You can choose any camera angle you like.The 3d model is partially developed to suit a limited number of camera angles. Any elements that are not part of the initially approved views will remain undeveloped. This approach helps to significantly reduce the cost and shorten the time of production.
The optimal solution for those preparing in advance for an upcoming marketing campaign. Average project duration — 1,5 months.A solution for those whose marketing campaign is about to begin. Average project duration — 3 weeks.
The project package includes 20% free revisionsThe project package includes 5% free revisions
It is acceptable for a client to provide an incomplete set of materials and make alterations to it throughout the project duration for a relatively small extra fee.All materials must be provided BEFORE the work begins. Any alterations made to the materials in the middle of the work change the project’s status from “Light” to “Ravelin3D”.

This offer does NOT apply to detached single-family homes and summer houses:


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