Private apartments in St. Petersburg
Client Residential construction is a socially responsible business aimed at improving people’s standard of living, which our company sees as its mission. As of today, the holding has built over 1 million square meters of housing in Russia. Vast experience, innovative approach and constant modernization of production technology are at the very core of Patriot Neva’s business model while also being the key elements of what’s known as “comfortable modern housing”.
Task: Creating an interior design concept (client – Patriot-Neva, St. Petersburg) for a standard apartment based on given layout parameters and standard finish materials such as wallpaper, laminate flooring, interior doors. Zabugorye residential development.
The client requested that we design the living room and the kitchen area in as much detail as possible, “This part of the apartment is the very reason why we even considered 3d visualization. Without it, our buyers can’t quite imagine what it’s like to live in such a place. We need a picture that will make them want to live there. This approach will give us a significant competitive advantage.”
3D layouts