Flat interior of the house-resort ‘Sun-city’ (Sochi) for the GRAS Company
Client ‘Gras’ company groups – is a huge Russian developer of the whole cycle, among its projects are lots in the spheres of housing, real estate management, construction materials production, development and consulting. Our success formula – is elaborated development strategy in combination with the ability to envisage market changes. Housing of different classes for comfortable and worthy life – is one of our main directions.
Task: When designing interior for the house-resort ‘Sun-city’ (Sochi) the studio had to visualize premium class space for the rest and total relax.
Resort atmosphere is determined by the very location of the housing estate – it’s Sochi! Exactly with such an atmosphere the interior was being created by our team; without unnecessary details that could distract from the sun, warmth and sound of the surf.One of the difficulties during the work in such a direction is to create comfort in minimalistic space. In the same time we tried to avoid primitive beach solutions in blue-and-white color ranges and decided to add orange, violet and brown accents. That allowed us to make the interior warmer and more habitable.For creating atmosphere of lightness and space we used natural materials and furniture of simple geometry – that helped to make space desirable to rest in spiritually and physically.In the rendered pictures there is a sunny and spacious flat out of which all problems and anxiety are left.One of the project peculiarities – are wide panoramic windows facing picturesque seascapes. In combination with high ceilings they create the feeling of fresh breeze penetrating into all living space. These flats are designed for successful people who are tired of urban noise and routine – that’s why the layout includes an open summer terrace facing your personal sea view.The interior stylistics was being selected for the contemporary façade design and was based on the Mediterranean hi-tech elements.